At Xiom Engineering, we're more than security experts (Xiom Security). We specialize in building consulting, integration and low-voltage engineering. We're experts in in window drives, in fire safety, in networking, in automation elements and in all interfaces, and we can design comprehensive solutions for any project.

We represent D+H Mechatronic AG, a global leader in the field of innovative, “green”-rated smoke ventilation and natural ventilation, in existence since 1968 and one of the first to build electro-mechanical solutions for natural ventilation. We handle projects of any size - from two windows to more than 8,000, within all styles of architecture and building aesthetics, and at all levels of security.

We offer customized solutions from window drive to control panels for all types of architecture within all environments: commercial, residential, recreational, and others.

Our control panels can work with any kind of building automation to bring modulated effects to all windows with precise feedback to the central control.

What we can do for you: We consist of small, mobile teams of engineers who can assess your needs, recommend a customized complete solution, provide guidance, on-site implementation and troubleshooting, and referrals for ongoing maintenance.


Control Panels

Customized to work with any building automation system.

Window Drives

Rack & pinion drives, chain drives, solar drives and more.

Natural Ventilation

Modulated effects for windows with precise feedback.

Energy Efficient Systems

SHEV system for elevators and natural climate control.

Forward Thinking: Innovations in Personal Safety

Green energy solutions and applications
Unique products for work and personal environments.